Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year - Peace

Hope we can do this....

...so that this is a reality
...and maybe future generations can say

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” — Oprah Winfrey

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

OMG = Video: Jaguar mocks Mercedes with its own chicken ad

Source Video: Jaguar mocks Mercedes with its own chicken ad

You have to see this for your self! Watch the Mercedes video first. Personally the chicken doesn't make me want to run out and buy the car Just saying....

Mercedes just set themselves up for this. You be the judge...

Photo made by Timophey Tkachik (Ukraine). Taken in Borky
European Chickens

Poor Chickens

Monday, December 16, 2013

Federal workers' pensions targeted in budget deal

Federal workers' pensions targeted in budget deal according this article, "Distinctly unpopular among voters and a scant presence in most congressional districts, federal workers have become an easy target in the hunt for budget savings.....But with pensions for non-government workers on a path toward extinction, federal employees get little sympathy from some experts."

Did you know...

Departments of State and Defense and other departments and agencies deploy federal civilian employees to Iraq or Afghanistan. DEPLOYING FEDERAL CIVILIANS TO THE BATTLEFIELD: Incentives, Benefits, and Medical Care, the oversight committee met to hear the
personal experiences of wounded DOD civilian employees. "The Department of Defense, which deploys the greatest number of civilians to Iraq and Afghanistan, has policies and procedures in place to provide medical care for those who  become ill, sustain injuries or wounds, or are killed while deployed to a combat zone in support of military operations. Most (but not all) wounded DOD civilians are given adequate care both in theater and after returning to the United States."

Really! Why would anyone want to wok for the federal government? Working for the feds can be hazards to your life - if you live than you get crapped on! American citizens must have a very short memory.

Let's go back and work forward.  The government’s response was immediate: federal employees, both civilian and military, sprung into action and were on the front lines of the rescue, recovery and investigation efforts. About 2,800 federal employees worked at the World Trade Center complex, primarily in Buildings 6 and 7. About a dozen IRS employees were in the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, conducting audits.  Of the 183 Pentagon victims, 69 were civilians.

Congress included a provision in the 2002 Defense Authorization bill (Section 1111 of Public Law 107-107) that authorized federal agencies to make hostile fire payments to civilian workers when they come under attack, are in imminent danger of attack or are killed in an attack. Government agencies were not obligated to grant hostile fire pay, but "several" agencies that had employees at the Sept. 11 sites decided to make the payments. That meant that all the civilians did not get pay.

Hostile fire pay is paid on a monthly basis, so employees who were at the Pentagon or World Trade Center complex on Sept. 11 would receive the $150 payment for the month of September 2011 only. Employees who were hospitalized because of the attacks would  receive $150 payments for up to 3 months during which they spent time in the hospital. So an employee injured in the Sept. 11 attack who spent parts of October and November in the hospital would receive $450 in hostile fire pay.

Federal employees do no get free medical insurance or care at military facilities. According to Office of Personnel Management (OPM),  "most" (not all) employees and annuitants, the Government contribution equals the lesser of: (1) 72 percent of amounts OPM determines are the program-wide weighted average of premiums in effect each year, for Self Only and for Self and Family enrollments, respectively, or (2) 75 percent of the total premium for the particular plan an enrollee selects.

"There could not have been as many survivors of the attack on the Pentagon without the persistent and selfless acts of others - military and civilian - who were themselves caught in the maelstrom or came unhesitatingly from elsewhere in the building to respond to the desperate circumstances facing the many victims trapped in the wreckage." Defense Studies Series - Pentagon 9

The U.S. Justice Department stopped tracking assaults on federal employees back in 2002, after it persuaded Congress to repeal a reporting requirement for such incidents.

On August 20, 1986, a part-time letter carrier named Patrick H. Sherrill, facing possible
dismissal after a troubled work history, walked into the Edmond, Oklahoma, post office,
where he worked and shot 14 people to death before killing himself.

Oklahoma City - 98 of those killed and 140 injured were federal government employees 3 of those killed and 126 injured were state government employees

Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building

(361 total occupants on April 19, 1995)
163 deaths
118 workers
15 children in Day Care
4 children visitors
26 adult visitors
166 injured
Occupational Highway Transportation Deaths  A total of 8,173 workers died from highway transportation incidents during 2003–2008, representing 24% of all fatal occupational 
June 2000, Stuart Charles Alexander shoot and kill, in cold blood, the two USDA inspectors and a state inspector. U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors Jean Hillery, 56, and Thomas Quadros, 52, and state Department of Food and Agriculture Inspector William Shaline, 57, were killed. After shooting them, he returned to his factory and emptied three more shots into the heads of the victims, making sure that they were dead. 
June 2006 Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution guard opened fire on FBI agents The dead were the guard and a U.S. Justice Department investigator. 

June 20, 2013 – Federal employees in national parks, wildlife refuges and marine sanctuaries experienced more attacks and threats in 2012 than in the previous year, according to agency figures obtained by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, PEER.

U.S. Park Police which recorded 42.9 percent more assaults and threats than during 2011. There were 100 violent incidents recorded by the Park Police in 2012, the highest number in its history.
In 2012, a Bureau of Land Management worker was shot at while driving a BLM vehicle in September. In a separate incident, a fleeing subject attempted to run over a U.S. Park Police officer with his car
Shooting death of Mount Rainier National Park law enforcement ranger Margaret Anderson on January 1, 2012 in Washington State. 
A park ranger was last killed in 2002, at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in Arizona, while chasing drug traffickers.
February 2013  Officials say Eric Williams, 34, was killed by an inmate who used a homemade weapon at the U.S. Penitentiary at Canaan, a high-security prison for men
September 2013 gunman at Washington Navy Yard  killed 12 people 
November 2013 Gunman opens fire at LAX, killing TSA officer 39-year-old Gerardo I. Hernandez
....These are the deaths that make the news. There are others we will never know
"....But with pensions for non-government workers on a path toward extinction, federal employees get little sympathy from some experts."

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving National Adoption Day

The National Adoption Day Coalition expects 4,500 children in foster care to be adopted on National Adoption Day today.

National Adoption Day is a united national struggle to raise awareness of the more than 100,000 children in foster care waiting to find permanent, loving forever families. This annual, one-day event has made the daydreams of thousands of children come real by working with legislators, specialists and activists to finalize adoptions and create and celebrate adoptive families.

In total, National Adoption Day helped nearly 45,000 children move from foster care to a forever family. Almost 400 cities across the United States celebrate the Saturday before every Thanksgiving as National Adoption Day.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole is a large submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize.  The hole is circular in shape, over 984 ft across and 407 ft deep. 

Blue Hole: Aerial view Lighthouse Reef Atoll Blue Hole, Belize.

Thanksgiving Story - Seth Miller Adopted

Foster Teen Gets First ‘Real’ Thanksgiving With Adoptive Family

Seth Miller turned 19 in October. The high school senior was in foster care since he was 7 and aged out of the foster system. At 19 years of age Seth Miller aka Logan Robert Hunt, was adopted by the family who adopted his sister as a baby.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau. Child Health USA 2007. Rockville, Maryland: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2008.
The article is quoted, "According to the National CASA for Children organization, volunteers are desperately needed to advocate for abused and neglected children. Although 234,000 children nationwide have a CASA volunteer standing by them each year, an additional 400,000 do not. Ideally, volunteers watch over foster children until they are placed in permanent homes."

NYC, NY - Poodle (Miniature). Meet CESSA a Dog for Adoption.

NYC, NY - Poodle (Miniature). Meet CESSA a Dog for Adoption.

Breed:Poodle (Miniature)Color:Red/Golden/Orange/ChestnutAge:Senior
Size:Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or lessSex:FemaleID#:6029158
I am already spayed, house trained, purebred, up to date with shots, good with kids, good with dogs, and good with cats.
CESSA's Story...
Lovely, gentle Cessa is a 12 year old Poodle girl who was used for breeding, neglected, and dumped at the kill shelter in NYC where she made the list to be euthanized.  If after seeing this sweet angel's video you might be interested in becoming her permanent human angel, please call her foster mom Julia at 646-429-8882.

A Cuppa Day

From http://acuppaday.tumblr.com/ Recording daily empty cup of coffee Visit to see months of coffee cups from different places

Counter Culture’s Espresso Rustico at Beaner Bar.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

MSNBC not saying whether Martin Bashir apology is enough

“We eat, therefore we hunt.”

In a commentary, Bashir called the former Alaska governor Sarah Palin  "America's resident dunce" and a "world class idiot," and suggested she be punished for remarks about slavery by having someone defecate in her mouth.

The article stated:
Bashir told the story of Thomas Thistlewood, a former overseer at a plantation who left detailed diaries that described his punishment of wayward slaves. In one case, Thistlewood ordered another slave to defecate in the mouth of the miscreant. In another case, someone urinated in the face of a slave who was being punished.
"When Mrs. Palin invokes slavery, she doesn't just prove her rank ignorance, she confirms (that) if anyone truly qualifies for a dose of discipline from Thomas Thistlewood, then she would be the outstanding candidate," he said

Honestly, I’d rather see Tina Fey as Sarah Palin than to watch the actual Sarah Palin. Tina does this amazing thing where she twists Sarah Palin’s words by… reciting them verbatim. An study has concluded that people who only watch Fox News are less informed than all other news consumers. Even Fox News agrees. See for yourself. 

Tina Fey is a better Sarah Palin

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chubby, Curves, Beautiful--->>> Positive Reinforcement

We see too much of this----> "Plus-size polemic: Is Melissa McCarthy's Elle cover shameful?" and this "Abercrombie & Fitch Will Sell Larger Sizes After Plus-Size Controversy" and "Target Faces Backlash for ‘Manatee’ Plus-Size Color." 
Real women and men have curves! We should have more ------>>>> "I'm not ashamed of what I am and that I have curves and that I'm thick. I like my body." Alicia Keys and "I don't get this whole super-skinny obsession. I really think women look more beautiful when they let their curves show."
Vanessa Marcil  Some women wished they had curves like, "I want to be a big, fleshy voluptuous woman with curves. I want a big bum, but I don't have one."  Cameron Diaz 
"Each socially-approved form of woman must be pitted against each other relentlessly until one walks proudly out with the unparalleled pleasure of being the Most Attractive (to whom?) weighing on her pleasantly-toned-but-not-masculine shoulders." On The ‘Real’ Women Movement And The Fear Of Fakery
So women and men with curves when YOU feel like dropping a few pounds, hold your head up as you labor around that track.  Those runners passing you think you rock! I saw this posted by Our Time.org It's worth re-blogging. 

"I would love it if people could look at chubby folks with all of our curves, bumps and ridges and just say 'She's beautiful' just like that. You don't have to get on a treadmill as long as your blood pressure is under control and you eat healthy, God bless." Yvette Nicole Brown 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Adrian Alvarstein Victory Dance

Adrian Alvarstein is a forward for the Narvik Hockey club in Norway, but that's not really important. What's important is that this guy is fantastic at doing victory dances 
He was born in Swaziland, Africa in 1991 and abandoned on the steps of a church with his umbilical cord still intact. He was sent to an orphanage and eventually adopted by a Norwegian woman who was unable to have children. He began skating at a young age and has been playing high level hockey in Norway since he was 16.

Adrian (21) was found on the church steps with the umbilical cord intact  Adrian (21) ble funnet på kirketrappa med navlestrengen intakt

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Veterans Day discounts & free meals Nationwide

Many restaurants are offering meal deals for military personnel. The deals require you to show proof of military service.
Applebee's Every Veterans Day, Applebee's invites vets and active duty military to come have a meal. It's their way of saying thanks for their service. 
Carrabba's Italian Grill is offering all active duty personnel and retired veterans a free appetizer on Nov. 9-11.  Check your nearby location to make sure they are participating: Locator.

Golden Corral Thank you free dinner from 4 PM-9 PM.  No identification is required for the service member : Any person who has served in the US Military (retirees, veterans, active duty, National Guard or Reserves)

America's Heroes Will Receive Free Best Cheeseburger in America Combo from Max & Erma's on Veteran's Day. Members of the armed forces will enjoy a cup of Max & Erma's signature Tortilla Soup or side house salad, a juicy, award-winning Cheeseburger hand-crushed from fresh, never frozen beef, with seasoned fries and one of Erma's fresh baked cookies.
Selective Chick-fil-A restaurants  are offering a free specials if you show a military ID. Check your local restaurants.
Chili's is offering a special menu and offering for Veterans Day  See the flyer for details.  Active duty and veterans get a free entree from the Veterans Day menu.
A free breakfast at Denny's on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2013 when they show proof of service.   (RestaurantNews.com

Denny’s is giving away never-ending stacks of its famous buttermilk pancakes to active, inactive and retired military personnel on Monday, Nov. 11.

From 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. at all participating Denny’s restaurants nationwide, diners with a valid military ID will receive free all-you-can-eat pancakes, complete with warm maple syrup and whipped butter.

Starbucks #thankavet offers a job and free cup of coffee on Veterans Day. Starbucks Commitment to Hire More Veterans and Military Spouses. 

Outback has multiple offers for active duty and veterans.  FREE Bloomin’ Onion® and Coca-Cola® promotion is open to Active Duty with standard identification on November 11, 2013 including Photograph in U.S. Uniform or wearing U.S. Uniform.

In addition, Military Personnel with any of the foregoing forms of identification will receive 10% OFF their entire guest check (excluding alcohol, applicable taxes and gratuity) on November 12 through December 31, 2013 at any Outback Steakhouse® in the U.S.

7-Eleven Says Thank You to Military With Free Slurpee® 11 AM-7 PM.  7-Eleven® Stores Thank Active, Veteran and Retired Military with Free Slurpee® Drinks on Veteran’s Day, Enlists Customers to Support USO Fund-Raising Campaign

Famous Dave's Meal Deals By State Please check the Famous Dave’s Veterans Day page or call your local restaurant for more information.

Krispy Kreme: Free doughnut and small coffee for military in uniform or with ID.

T.G.I. Fridays: free lunch. Wear uniform, if permitted by your service, or present military ID or other proof of service. Only valid at participating locations.

Olive Garden offers specials for military the whole month of November

Military Family Special

Veterans Day discounts offered across nation for those who served

Free recreational site admission for Veterans Day
Retail Stores and More

Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

Jim Wolf, a homeless Army veteran, recently got a makeover courtesy of Michigan-based homeless advocacy Degage Ministries.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Awesome Video - What do you do before a double mastectomy? Dance!

Deborah Cohan  is an OB-GYN at the hospital, so she had some pull when talking the doctors and nurses into being her backup dancers. Cohan had her bilateral mastectomy at UCSF Medical Center at Mount Zion in San Francisco. Read her story:

Thursday, October 31, 2013

10 Restaurant Freebies for Halloween 2013

10 Restaurant Freebies for Halloween 2013

Take your kids Trick or Treating at a dining out.  The whole family gets treated for Halloween! Free or reduced meals include come into any Chipotle dressed in costume from 4pm to close, and you’ll score a burrito, bowl, salad, or an order of tacos for just $3. All proceeds up to $1,000,000 will benefit the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.  http://www.boorito.com/

Red Lobster is treating your kids to dinner Monday through Thursday, starting October 28th and going through November 7th, when you purchase an adult entree. Check out the details, and the coupon you’ll need to print off and bring with you, on the Red Lobster Facebook page.

No costume or coupon is required for this freebie! Eat in at a Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes restaurant Halloween October 31st with your kids, and  they’ll eat for free when you order an entree for yourself. “Kids” are defined as those ages 12 and younger. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Americans It's Time to be a Jackass

The Democratic Party’s first association with the donkey came about during the 1828 campaign of Democrat Andrew Jackson. Running on a platform by the people, for the people and using a slogan of “Let the People Rule,” Jackson’s opponents referred to him as a jackass (donkey). Much to their embarrassment, Jackson merged the donkey into his campaign posters. During Jackson’s presidency the donkey was used to symbolize his stubbornness by his opponents.

In 1874, political cartoonist Thomas Nast drew the cartoon which showed a donkey wearing a lion’s skin and scaring all the other animals in the forest. One of the animals was an elephant, and it was labeled “The Republican Vote.” Nast used the elephant to alert Republicans that their internal party fighting was detrimental to the upcoming elections.  A battle for control of the Republican Party has erupted as an emboldened Tea Party moved to oust senators who voted to reopen the government.

After the infamous federal government shutdown of 2013, the Republican Party can best be depicted by the Buddhist parable showing blind monks examining an elephant. Each man reaches a different conclusion based on which part of the elephant he has examined. 
Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R) of Kentucky said Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation": "There will not be another government shutdown. You can count on that." Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said Sunday that government shutdowns were a bad idea not consistent with conservative ideals. But it's unclear whether other Republicans agree.

Like Senator McConnell, House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio didn't want a government shutdown. In fact, he pleaded with his colleagues not to do it. But they went ahead and did it anyway. But the so-called "civil war" uncontrolled within the GOP has more than a note of truth. The tea party might not be an official party, but it continues to act like a separate rightist party in practice.

Party leaders are working to protect their majority in the U.S. House, where they have 232 members to the Democrats’ 200.  The intra-party challenge comes as Republicans seek a clear gain of six seats to regain control of the 100-member chamber that they lost in the 2006 elections.

We as a country have nothing to celebrate.  There are many petitions to congressman never to let the country get to the brink of economic shutdown.

The Syrian struggle has been growing in force and latitude for more than two years, with the United Nations approximating more than 100,000 dead and millions displaced. Syria isn't exactly a model society, but Jessica Williams reported that the Syrian government at least pays its bills and workers' wages.

So 20% of the population made 80% of Americans a joke! Tea Party politics shutdown our government for 16 days. More than 800,000+ workers out of work. Several thousands forced to work for no pay. Businesses forced to fire workers. According to How the government shutdown shook up the US economy, the hit to gross domestic product from lost government services alone totals $3.1 billion.   Analysts at Standard & Poor's estimated that the shutdown cost $24 billion (or $1.5 billion a day) and slowed the country's economic growth rate by an annualized 0.6 percent for the current quarter.

Alaskan crab fisherman and star of the Discovery Channel reality show The Deadliest Catch, Keith Colburn went to the Senate Commerce Committee on Capitol Hill.  The furloughs of workers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration meant no assigned quotas before the start of Alaska's crab fishing season.   The Alaska fishery produces "hundreds of millions" of dollars in economic activity.   The industry provides   jobs for thousands of fishermen, shippers, mechanics and other workers including  the TV crew for the show.  It’s the trickle-down effect.  Food inspections, air traffic control, law enforcement and education programs were hit.

In the article, Tea party ringleader admits the GOP shut down the government for nothing it was reported that 20% of the population screwed 80% of Americans - just because.  On that awarding winning news show - Fox News - that's exactly what Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham did.  

“I couldn't have been more shocked if he pulled a pink elephant out of his ass!” ― Tamara Rose Blodgett, Death Whispers

The website Daily Kos reported that " one thing is for sure: It's now a whole lot less likely that come 2017, they'll still be in control of the House—let alone the Senate or presidency." Hmmmm I'm not so sure. Some people have short attention spans, in weeks to come, still others will blame Chicken Little for the shutdown.

Make The Elections The Year of the Jackass

America, help the jackass run on a platform by the people, for the people and  “Let the People Rule - not the Tea Party and Republicans.

 “That which is called firmness in a king is called obstinacy in a donkey”
 John Erskine  (American Educator, Novelist and Musician. 1879-1951)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Are You Smarter Than Fox News?

Fox News Channel Anchor Anna Kooiman has apologized on Twitter for falsely saying that President Barack Obama had offered to pay for the operation of a museum of Muslim culture “out of his own pocket” during the 10/2013  government shutdown. She made the remark on “Fox & Friends” It’s not clear yet whether the mistake will be addressed on the air.

Jon Stewart visited  "Bullsh-t Mountain" back in 2012 to trace the history of Fox News' vicious slander of President Obama. from the President's supposed socialism to his missing birth certificate to his his plot to force everyone to ride bicycle.

Study: Watching Fox News Actually Makes You Stupid 

According to 2012 study, the Fox viewers know less even than people who don't watch any news at all. Researchers from New Jersey's Fairleigh Dickinson University asked about a thousand people five questions on domestic issues. Fox news viewers scored the lowest in all categories.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Time To Fire Some Congessmen

 239 days off every year
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) Richard T. Dykema, Rohrabacher’s chief of staff, told the Los Angeles Times that the congressman is "expected to show up for work during the shutdown’’ and expects to be paid.

Before this annoying government shutdown, in 2013 the House was scheduled to be in session for a grand total of 126 days. So according to the above quote, The House should only get paid for days worked  - approximately 150.

How does Congress really feel about Americans, workers, and federal workers?

Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) "I'm working. Everybody that works gets paid for working.''
We know he lied. 

The Capitol Police officer who was injured October 3, 2013 is a 23-year veteran of the force.   A car
  Buzzfeed’s Kate Nocera tweeted
this photo from the Capitol
 chase began when a driver tried to breach a White House security barrier ended near the U.S. Capitol.  
Capitol Police officers who risked lives are currently unpaid. As essential federal employees, they are exempt from furloughs tied to the government shutdown, but funding for their pay is currently backlogged.

In an interview with blog.al.com/spotnews October 1, 2013, "We are basically working on IOUs," said Richard D. Schwein, special agent in charge of the FBI's Northern District of Alabama. "We are not being paid and won't be until a continuing resolution is passed."


Congress will tell you to your face Americans, you are just NOT that important in quotes!

Rep. Donald Payne Jr. (D-N.J.) “I have a family to raise,’’ Payne told NorthJersey.com. “I have triplets in school, and unlike some members on the other side of the aisle, I’m not a millionaire.”
During the week ended Oct. 5, the first week of the shutdown, there were 70,068 claims from furloughed federal workers. Many with families, bills and homes would like to work and get paid. None of them want to become homeless or have a car repossessed.
Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) Blunt told USA Today that the issue over his salary is "silly'' and ''symbolic,'' and he's taking his paycheck.
Rep. Renee L. Elllmers (R-N.C.) "I need my paycheck. That’s the bottom line,” Ellmers told North Carolina TV station WTVD last week. “I understand that maybe there are members who are deferring their paychecks, and that's admirable. I'm not in that position."
 By Friday, after a public outcry, she had reversed her position.
Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.) "You know what? I’ve got a nice house and a kid in college, and I’ll tell you we cannot handle it. Giving our paycheck away when you still worked and earned it? That’s just not going to fly.” 
On Sunday, Terry apologized for his "hurtful'' comments. He said he’d changed his mind and wouldn't take his salary after all.

That would imply that government workers lived in the sewers. Their kids were dropouts with no chance of being educated at college level.  Government workers don’t need a pay check?

Representative Ted Yoho (FL) at a town hall meeting said of the workers he put out of work "if they're not working, they shouldn't get paid." 
Time for Yoho to GoGo! Just because he has a veterinary practice, he cannot treat people like animals.
Federal employees be aware there are actually friends and neighbors who act and think it was your fault the government offices and facilities closed.  They think you were at the spa or home watching Netflix.  Some Americans feel you somehow enjoyed and encouraged the shutdown. 

Did the shutdown of the government cause this Federal Employee to have a mental breakdown in the House of Representatives?

A Thank You

Thank you for coming back to work for those who will. For others who decided to “kick the government to the curb,” I understand.  I would not work with a group of people who didn’t give a crap about me either.

Maybe there was at least one:
Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), who sponsored the House legislation, said on Wednesday that federal employees did not cause the shutdown and should not have to suffer for it.

“They have bills to pay – mortgages, student loans, tuition, groceries,” he said. “It’s our obligation to make them whole again.”

God speed and God Bless America

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bradley Manning/ Chelsea E. Manning soldier to woman

Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years in prison for sending classified material to WikiLeaks. Bradley Manning wants to become Chelsea E. Manning. He/she plans to live as a woman and wants to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible.

Interesting because Bradley Manning is a United States soldier going to a military prison. Any health care cost are paid in full by tax payers dollars. The military prison at Fort Leavenworth, KS, proper name, The United States Disciplinary Barracks, is the U.S. military's only maximum-security facility and houses male service members convicted at court-martial for violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  Important to note the
Prison cell
prison is for males enlisted prisoners with sentences over ten years. Does Manning plan on being isolated from the general population for 35 years?

Bradley Manning says he wants to live as a woman

Who should get the bill?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

At last - US Army PFC Paul Iloilo Ieti

Regional Command (South) celebrates APAH
U.S. Army Pfc.Paul Iloilo Ieti, with the 603rd Aviation Support Brigade sings the national anthem during the Asian-Pacific American Heritage observance at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, May 28, 2013. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Ashley Bell/Released)

Get home safe. Thank You very much for your service to our country. Someone get him a record contract! That's the best way to thank him.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Give other drivers the right of way & other kindnesses

 Good Samaritan
Random Act of Kindness

It’s the law, but not always a common practice. The next time you’re behind the wheel let other drivers change lanes, merge and have the right of way. You’ll avoid stress and accidents.

Acknowledge other acts of kindness:  Make a point of acknowledging other people’s acts of kindness with your thanks.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lock Your Car Doors When Pumping Gas

Rossen Reports: ‘Sliders’ target women at gas stations  Surveillance cameras are revealing what police call “sliders”: criminals targeting women who leave their purses in the car while they pump gas.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

American teen is youngest person ever to pass British bar exam

American teen is youngest person ever to pass British bar exam

A teenager has become the youngest person to qualify as a barrister in the 600 year history of the profession – so she can work in the Bahamas. American student Gabrielle Turnquest was called to the Bar of England and Wales after passing her exams at just 18.

Gabrielle has already made history at her previous university, Liberty University in Virginia, where she was the youngest person to finish an undergraduate degree there, in psychology, at the age of 16. Reported in  The Telegraph

Saturday, July 27, 2013

4-year-old invited to join Mensa

4-year-old will kick it in Mensa until Dad can find her a reality show
Most 4-year-olds don't know the name of every state on the map, let alone the capitals. Ananla Beevers invited to MENSA is an international organization for people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised IQ or other approved intelligence test. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Federal workers organize to block the sequester

Federal workers organize to block the sequester

"Jennifer-Cari Green, a secretary at the Madigan Army Medical Center in Washington State and the single mother of a six-year-old son, said that she had struggled to make ends meet under a three-year military pay freeze even before the sequester hit. Now she calculates that her take-home pay will drop from $1,477 a month to $1,008 through the end of September (the end of the fiscal year) as she is forced to take 11 days of furlough -- a 32% reduction over two weeks, or a 4.5% annual reduction.

She is falling dangerously close to the poverty line, even while she makes too much to qualify for food stamps or free school lunches for her son."

Doesn't seem like the rich over paid federal employees or may be she's the 47% feeling entitled. Remind me - was Congress part of the sequester?