Thursday, April 25, 2013

Human Children: Endangered Species

Today is April 25, 2013. Monday of this week we celebrated Earth Day.  Today many people actually celebrate Alice Day – Pedophile Pride Day.  While people actually took the time to create all kinds of list to save the Earth, few included us.  I saw things like
Protect the bison
Composting with worms
Plant a tree
Participate in a litter cleanup
Have an energy-free day
Ride my bike
Renew my library card and utilize the library
This last item is memorable because yesterday, April 24th was World Book Night.  All the recycle and better habits, but nothing for the most endangered species – us.

“A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.” ― Carl Sandburg

1905 - Public Domain
Alice Day points out just how endangered the human race really is.  There is not enough coffee for a psychological profile of supporters of Pedophile Pride. If you don’t know what a pedophile is, here’s a definition.  As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia  is a psychiatric disorder in persons 16 years of age or older typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest toward prepubescent children age 13 years or younger,  The term pedophile is commonly used to describe all child sexual abuse offenders, including those who do not meet the clinical diagnosis standards. What’s unique about the cluster is that are organized into associations and groups.  They are so organized it’s evident by Alice Day.  Is there an Arsonist Pride Day? Or may be a Serial Killers Pride Day?  Why not? 

“Ritualised child sexual abuse is about abuse of power, control and secrecy. Ten years ago many people found it difficult to believe that fathers actually raped their children, yet survivors of such abuses spoke out and eventually began to be listened to and believed. Ritual abuse survivors, when they try to speak out about their experiences, face denial and disbelief from society and often fear for their lives from the abusers.”  Laurie Matthew, Who Dares Wins

Arson is the crime of deliberately and maliciously setting fire to buildings, wild land areas, auto or other assets with the intent to cause damage.  Well a sexual attack on a child leave a burned out shell of a person no different than the remains of the burned out auto.

A serial killer is usually defined as a person who has killed three or more people within more than a month.  There’s down time or cooling off stage between the murders. The motivation for killing is usually based on psychological gratification.  Sounds like a pedophile that kills a series of children’s souls for sexual gratification.  

“…the seriousness of emotional deprivation:
It is not difficult to understand how children who have suffered from malnutrition or starvation need food and plenty of care in their bodies are to recover so they can go on to lead normal lives. If, however, the starvation is severe enough, the damage will be permanent and they will suffer physical impairments for the rest of their lives. Likewise, children who are deprived of emotional nurturing require care and love if their sense of security and self-confidence is to be restored. However, if love is minimal and abuse high, the damage will be permanent and the children will suffer emotional impairments for the rest of their lives.”  Mark Z. Danielewski
1925 - Public Domain
Often without help and/or support, children grow to be empty and broken adults.  As we have seen in the news and media, many people reach adulthood before they tell anyone of the death of their self-esteem.   They were often abused—emotionally, physically and/or sexually—by an adult – sometimes a family member.  It is the loss of a human being which inflicts enormous grief upon those individuals, because they feel less than human.  Is that an endangered species? 
"Many abused children cling to the hope that growing up will bring escape and freedom. 
But the personality formed in the environment of coercive control is not well adapted to adult life. The survivor is left with fundamental problems in basic trust, autonomy, and initiative. She approaches the task of early adulthood――establishing independence and intimacy――burdened by major impairments in self-care, in cognition and in memory, in identity, and in the capacity to form stable relationships. 
She [he] is still a prisoner of her childhood; attempting to create a new life, she re-encounters the trauma.”  Judith Lewis Herman, Trauma and Recovery

English (en):  Nations based on their laws involving child pornography.
   Possession of any kind of pornography (including child pornography) legal.
   Possession of child pornography illegal.
   Possession of any kind of pornography illegal.
   Data unavailable.

Source File: BlankMap-World6.svg
Child Pornography: Model Legislation & Global Review
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