Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sarah Boone Invented the Ironing Board

On this date, April 26th in 1892, the ironing board was patented. Sarah Boone was an African American female inventor, who obtained a United States patent rights for her improvements to the ironing board. The information provided us the ironing board some of us use today. There are others who still use a table or bed.

Sarah Boone was born in Summit, Pike County, Mississippi on May 18, 1867. She died September 14, 1904. Sarah Boone was reported to be home schooled by her grandfather. This information could not be verified. Given the date of her birth and place of birth Mississippi, the family was probably born into slavery.

Before her invention, people were forced to use a table for ironing clothes. Boone's ironing board was designed to improve the quality of ironing sleeves and the bodies of women's garments. The board was very narrow, curved, and made of wood. The shape and structure allowed it to fit a sleeve and it was reversible, so one could iron both sides of the sleeve.

A historic wooden ironing board
Sarah Boone lived in New Haven Connecticut when she filed her patent.

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