Monday, May 6, 2013

Fire at Nathan's Famous in Coney Island

Attribution: J. Reed
How disturbing to read there was a fire at the Nathan's Famous!  The landmark restaurant was damaged after Hurricane Sandy as was most of Coney Island and the New Jersey shore.   That Super storm caused for the first time in 96 years "Nathan's" on Stillwell Avenue to closed.

The original Nathan's restaurant stands at the corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenues in the Coney Island neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn. As kids in the 1980's we'd jump on the F train for the ride to Coney Island for the boardwalk, and Nathan's hot dogs.  Nathan's was the first place I ate fried clams.

The french fries had its own special crinkle cut. How serious are customers about the french fries? Serious enough for the New York Daily News to exclaim, Say it ain’t sow! Nathan’s changes its famed Coney Island fries  A shortage of a beloved Maine potato forces a temporary shift to inferior Russets.  Fans of the crispy-yet-soft fries noticed the change immediately.  Nathan’s Famous Potato Change Leads To French Fry Hysteria  Many Say They Can Taste The Difference, But Spokesman Assures It's Temporary, stated CBS, New York.  As kids before pay day, when we couldn't afford a hot dog, you could be satisfied with the best french fries.

The thought of Nathan's brings fond memories of getting summer jobs as camp counselors in Coney Island.  What was better than being at the beach everyday, and getting paid.  Nelson Rockefeller once proclaimed, "No man can hope to get elected in New York state without being photographed eating hot dogs at Nathan's Famous.

When you have a Nathan's Famous hot dog and french fries, you know you're having the best. Nathan's Famous, an New York Tradition! We have so little left from our youth, we hope Nathan returns.